About the Author

Hey! My name is Ijlal Ahmed and I am a teen. I have been a digital marketer since 2015 and have created a good amount of ebooks and software products.

I have a passion of helping my customers out which is one reason why I started Blunt Reviews..

At Blunt Reviews, my only aim is to help prevent people from getting ripped off by the “Internet Gurus”. Like the name of this website says, all of the reviews on this website will be 100% blunt, honest & unbiased. My goal is not to make money off of affiliate offers, it’s to help people stay away from fraud, and if that in return makes me money, I’m up for it 🙂

Other than Digital Marketing, I have one more passion and that is, that I am a fitness freak.

I like to lift heavy stuff at the gym and eat clean to make sure I stay healthy.. Unlike your typical digital marketers, I’m not fat because of sitting on my desk day in and day out 😛 Lol.

If you have any requests for me to review a specific product, please email me at ijuwebdesk@gmail.com