SociJam Review | Create Attention Grabbing Posts For Your Social Media Accounts?

Hey guys, so today we’re taking a look at this new product called:

SociJam Logo

Now, if you use any kind of Social Media (especially Facebook), this is something that is actually a useful tool.

*Please Note* – The Front End license only allows you to Post on Facebook, if you want to post on any other social media accounts (YouTube, Instagram, Quora, etc..) You will have to upgrade to the PRO version which will be shown to you after you successfully purchase SociJam.

So, what is SociJam?

Well, simply put, it allows you to create posts containing 🙂 Emojis, Bold, Itallic, underlines & even strikethroughs that you can post on Facebook. Now, I did this on WordPress, so I did it all without using SociJam, but you can’t do that on Facebook.. (Give it a try!)

See, SociJam utilizes a technology called unicode.. Which is basically a universal language interpretation, so not only Facebook, but all the other social media channels also support it.. However, you have to parse the unicode differently for it to work on different places (websites) and that’s what SociJam does.

This is a pretty handy tool that will allow you to get more out of your Facebook posts, and not just posts but even ads. In-fact I just bought a copy of the PRO version for myself so that I can use this on my own ad copy on not just Facebook, but even on YouTube video titles.

But, does it actually helps with better interaction?

Ooh it absolutely does.. Look at this post by two of my Facebook friends, look at the interaction rate they got!

Hence proved that it works!

But hey, there has to be some kind of downside to it too, right?

Well, sort of.. The text SociJam creates is not 100% compatible, even though I haven’t been able to debug this completely because I tested it on everything I use including Facebook App on Android, Facebook App on iPhone, Facebook on Google Chrome (mobile & desktop), Facebook on Firefox (desktop) and I see it fine on all of the platforms. However some viewers have complained that they are seeing the text like this:

Even though, this is still not verified, I personally think that this is only happening on mobile devices that have an older version of Android (OS) installed..

So, keep that in mind, not 100% of the people will be seeing your post the way it is supposed to be.

All in all, the product itself is good and does what it promises, which could only mean one thing and it’s:

I approve the product.

Now, I have an exclusive bonus for the people that decide to buy SociJam from my link..

*Please note this bonus expires when the launch period ends i.e: 11:59 PM (Midnight) on 12th September.

When you decide to buy SociJam, I will give you access to our plugin WP SociConnect.

WP SociConnect allows you to convert a Facebook page into a WordPress site/page.
Here’s the demo video of WP SociConnect:

We are actively selling WP SociConnect for $25 on our website.
Visit WP SociConnect Sales Page

You get it Free when you decide to get your hands on SociJam from my link.. Also – if you decide to upgrade to the PRO version of SociJam, I will upgrade your WP SociConnect license to the PRO version as well.

Visit WP SociConnect PRO Sales Page

Bonuses and launch special pricing expire in:

*Price is gradually increasing during the launch period. Get access at earliest to secure the lowest price.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.. Let me know what you think about SociJam in the comments below.



Ease of Use






Overall Value


Funnel Value



  • Great concept
  • Leveraging Pattern Interupt
  • Boosts Post Interaction
  • Boosts Click Through Rate


  • Some Compatibility issues

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